Factory and plant engineering

Every investment decision hinges on a thorough analysis of the economic benefit. Any such analysis requires a review that determines and documents the expected capital expenditure in a manner that is as complete and transparent as possible.

Our long years of substantial project experience have made us experts in performing with utmost accuracy the necessary calculations based on detailed check lists and sound data on the cost and prices involved. To complete our calculations, we utilise a database that is constantly kept up to date by incorporating new quotation data every day.

Our calculations also include items that are often left out as they are considered of little consequence and, thus, negligible. We have found, however, that these items frequently add up to a factor with the potential of calling into question the financial budget and the predicted benefit of a project. Such items include ancillary project costs, which may total up to 10% or more – depending on the estimated amount to be invested and the complexity of the project.

The calculations we at KSI provide to our customers furnish them with the greatest possible security and transparency at a very early stage of their project.